Who Am I?

My name is David Vieira. 

I am a young passionate filmmaker and visual artist.

I'm a lover of the wonders of nature, of warm afternoons with friends and of novelty yet to be expressed. 

I feel reality, life, and existence to be the strangest phenomena we hardly talk about in our daily lives. And I love life, it hasn't always been the easiest but its one I have and value.

I owe it to my family, to my father, to my mother which has always thought me to be kind and curious.

I was born in Portugal and moved to the UK recently to study and expand my experience.

Here I came in contact with many creative, funny and ingenious people whose memories I truly treasure. From such conversations and the discovery of thinkers such as Terence Mckenna, Alan Watts, Paul Stamets, Graham Hancock, Don Gino Chaka Runa and many more, that ideas started to reveal themselves to me and conjure up into what was soon to be a life project


I plan to take theses ideas seriously and push to their true potential. In doing so I plan to activate myself, to connect with the world and share my vision and energy back.


I run a daily Livestream where I brainstorm and update people on the project and possible solutions for current issues. Also, allow for a peek at my personal life to better understand and record the mission I feel I must enroll in.




I also run a website connect to Livestream where people can Vote on my next step, creating a social experiment and viewer interaction.

Da Vinci Learning:

As a way to challenge others and bettering my understanding to fuel this project, I try and learn 3 new skills during a specific window with maximum effectiveness.

I do it, by choosing 3 skills that can be added to each other or combined in the learning process. In order to maximize time, fun and cross-domain memorization.

Example Drawing, Biology, and singing.

Although it may sound like a peculiar choice, if one learns biology by also drawing the respectable domains and using singing exercises for reading the information out loud, it seems to better the memorization and improve the other faculties. 

The Time Is Now