This is but an idea. An invitation. An answer to its own proposal.
We are alive. Blessed with a life that we don't understand.
In a journey whose purpose is its very mystery
Not one of our realities is alike and its truth only revealed through the felt individual experience of the immediate present.
The ? .
This is what we share most deeply, not what we know, where we come from or who we are; but the very unknown that surrounds us at this very moment.
It is time we stand up to this question & challenge.
That we come together in our individual and universal understanding. 
I propose we bring forward and energize a Worldwide Brainstorm and its open Invitation to every single citizen.
A call for an assembly in time, for the say in the creative process of our common future and for a better tomorrow in honor of ancestors' sacrifices.
The world is already a brainstorm, a tank of ideas and possibilities, fragmented to their specific goals and aims.
To bring forward an actualized brainstorm, we must use all the mediums available to us but also the ability to visualize the big picture.
Here is one way It could go:
Use Art, Public Spaces, Social Media, News and Stunts to express your ideas and invite people to join the process.
Using the emergency needs of our ecological crisis
In order to make it viable and effective, we must both allow for the exploration of the questions in all its different mediums (physical assembly, digital discussion, video, audio, etc) yet also map their answers and process into one readable platform.
I believe for this we should use all available digital discussion and sharing tools while also creating a platform/website capable of mapping multimedia discussions, filter statistics and offer a big picture
One of the conclusions yet also primal necessities, I believe will be the necessity for a decentralized and sustainable communication network. One that's transparent in its mechanisms and fully customizable to its users. 
I believe if united under the simple banner of Earth, we can take this idea forward and come together as individuals to create a digital philosopher stone.
As the concept of combining all available digital tools, services, and networks under the umbrella of empowering people, communities, and countries. Acting as a decentralized "anarcho-democratic" Earth NGO, made from the consensus of all its inhabitants. 
And upon the realization that we too must work from bottom-up in solving global issues through the local scale. The digital Philospher Stone could manifest itself as a multipurpose app and system that combines all the existing features of the market while focusing on being open-sourced and fully user-customizable
One can imagine such a tool applied to our basic human necessities, such as those in Maslow's Pyramid of Needs, could empower and motivate a wave of change to self-sustainable networks of citizens and communities. While also providing an adaptive guide to anyone needing information, help or a plan to guarantee their stability and basic needs.
The stone should too offer the platform for better organizational systems and direct digital democracy applications. 
Such a process I believe could lead to the revitalization of our planet, the healing of our greatest issues and the freeing of human beings to a new era of exploration and creativity
Although such a thing may seem impossible or unlikely, I feel our increasing complexity paired with our organizational needs are already pulling us towards such a tool and reality. Yet it's ideology and aims may be rather dogmatic and blind-sighted.  
However, this is only an idea, a manifestation of the planetary brainstorm we are already in. 
Such brainstorm, that I have decided to dedicate my life to. To leave if not a feasible solution, many inspiring ideas that can aid us there. 
Please feel free to get in contact directly or learn more about my current plan and daily objectives in the ME tab.
One Love, Shine Bright!

The Time Is Now